Hi Ben,
Thanks for the stunning work you've done, you've changed my well toured / broken & forgotten cymbals into 1 off pieces of art & essentials in my 'drumming tool box' that get attention & adoration wherever I play. The cymbals (with your mods) are now far more expressive, dynamic & playable than ever they were new & also have far more character & colours to their sound... I love 'em..! Cymbal Magic couldn't be a more apt name for what you do... 😊

David Wallace (David Essex/UK Session)


I have played many cymbals with many drums for many years with many people, and the quality, creativity, workmanship and level of service present in Cymbal Magic's modification and repairs means they always have a place on my kit.

Joe Love, Session artist (with Martina Topley Bird, Corinne Bailey Rae)


Ben is simply the best guy to get your cymbal(s) customized, refurbished and fixed up. I had a very old, thin, delicate original K-crash that needed work done so it could fit onto a modern day stand. As an extra he fixed up the cymbal edge too... a top chap and craftsman.

Pascal Consoli (Underworld, D'Influence)


Massive big thanks to Benjamin camp on fixing my cracked 18" A custom. Looks like a new cymbal, cracking job [excuse the pun] lads, any cracked cymbals give this fella a go.

Alan, (Zildjian A Custom)

Just jammed with a cut down crash sent from Benjamin Camp and am mightily impressed. By a long shot, the best £45 I have ever spent on drum stuff. Edges are beautifully rounded and smoothed and works like a dream. HIGHLY recommended.

Dave (Sabian AAX)

Mate, cymbal arrived today with mega packaging! It's a really good job you did there, chap, and the cymbal sounds to my ears exactly as it always did! I haven't played it with my kit yet but it sounds great in isolation. Thank you very much for this, I'm really chuffed to have one of my fave cymbals literally rescued from the bin and back in service again, many many thanks again mate and I'll definitely be back if I ever have the misfortune to crack another.

All the best, Cam (Paiste RUDE)

Received the cymbals today and already had a go at them. They’re both banging awesome!  Thanks again man!

Tomas, (Zildjian Avedis slot cut and A Custom reduction - below)

Zildjian Avedis repair

Massive thanks to Benjamin Camp for the excellent repair to my 2002 splash...old cymbals don't die they are reborn thanks to our talented mate. well done Ben and thanks again. :-)

Steve, (Paiste 2002 slot cut - below)

Paiste 2002 repair

Had a Constantinople repaired by mr Benjamin Camp, Highly recommended!!!

Peter, (Zildjian K Constantinople slot cut)

Benjamin was, nay IS the man 8|

Alan, (Istanbul green label hi hat top, dogbone cut - below)

Istanbul Green Label repair


Ben, received cymbals back safe and sound. Delighted with the way they look and sound AWESOME. You did a fantastic job and it’s been a real pleasure to do business with you. Thanks again and I will certainly recommend your services to others, and definitely use your expertise again.

Ray, (Zildjian K crash and Paiste 602 scallop cuts)


Cymbals arrived today, they sound fantastic, very pleased mate, you will hear from me again. Cheers. Pete.

Pete, (Sabian AAX O-zone scallop cut)

Excellent communication, quick turn around, and a FANTASTIC end result! Loved my cymbal once I got it back, would be more than happy to do business again!

Luke Bromfield


Fantastic work, real attention to detail. The old crash that I had scalloped and o-zoned had a smoother finish around the holes that had been cut than Zildjian or Sabian supply from the factory! Not only that but it went from heading to the bin to being one of my favourite cymbals. Well worth the money, great comms and a lovely guy as well. Wouldn't hesitate to recommend!

Ben Taylor


Ben at Cymbal Magic repaired and 'O-Zoned' my Paiste 2002 18" medium, which has a 1cm crack in the edge. Ben quoted, advised and explained the process really well, giving me complete confidence. I sent the cymbal by post, and within a week it was back (I was sent 'work-in-progress' pictures during the period). The workmanship was fantastic, the edges perfectly round and perfectly smooth - not a single nick or snag. All the O-Zone holes were spot-on, expertly finished. To cap it all, the whole cymbal was delivered back fully polished and sparkling like a new pin. So, happy so far, and this is before it has even been played. The sound is incredible - like a splash/china/fast-crash hybrid - it really stands up well in my set up and perfectly compliments my Alpha Swis Crash 18". Ben's a top man who clearly knows his cymbalwork, and his attention to detail is immense. Thank you fella!



I used the service to supply my new kit and the work and service was first class, Ben is a really nice guy, always happy to help in anyway. Top class company and excellent value for money

Darren Ives


Ben is one of the most helpful guys I know he accomdates you and will get your cymbal back and working at its best in the shortest time possible sometimes he works miracles and has helped me and other drummers out at very short notice his work is excellent and he is very reasonably priced as well so if your cymbals need a new lease of life this is the guy to go to highly recommend.



I used CymbalMagic to vent steel snare drum shell, in the same way you would 'o-zone' a cymbal. Couldn't be more pleased with the whole transaction! Ben was really friendly and gave great advice, it was quick, easy, and done with complete professionalism. Definitely recommended!

Matthew Good


Really easy transaction, lovely friendly guy and honest! will definitely be using his service in future and i'd recommend to all who need any mods or repairs on their cymbals.

Joe Lewis


Outstanding work, excellent value, and a great bloke.

Steve O'Brien


You've made my new favourite cymbal!

Dan Barker (HHX butterfly O-zone)


Istanbul Agop Sultan


Just collected this from the post office and given it a bit of a spank. It is absolutely magnificent. This man is a fricken' genius. Send him your cymbals and your money. Now.

Stewart, (Istanbul Agop Sultan - above)


I can't state enough how chuffed I am with Benjamin Camp's work on these cymbals. The workmanship is top notch, and he might be the nicest man in the world. Cheers Ben!

Chris Walker, (Paiste signatures - below)

Paiste Signature repair


Got my 18inch crash back today from Benjamin Camp and I have to say what a brilliant job!!! I only wish I had found this man's talents years ago... I could of saved a few other cymbals!! will definitely use your services again!! thanks so much!!

Luke (Bosphorus Gold)

Hi Ben, got the K crash today, you really are a genius, thanks very much!

Graham (Zildjian K medium thin crash, edge refinish)


Ben, just picked up my cymbal...the thing is BEAUTIFUL. The edges feel absolutely perfect. Only downside is I've got to wait a few days to gig it! (update to follow). You've been a pleasure to deal with from the very start and I'll recommend you to all my drummer friends. 

Update!  Finally got to use it on last nights gig. The verdict is: 50 shades of amazing! Seems to have the ability to blend in with the music when you want it to and accent the crap out of things when needed. Thanks again. Will be in touch again when I vandalise more cymbals.

Andrew, (Zildjian A custom 8 hole O-zone - below)

Zildjian A Custom repair

Thanks Benjamin Camp Cymbal Restoration for some excellent cymbal repair this week. Complete lad.

If your cymbal cracks, stop playing it and send it to this genius.

Philip Edwards, (reduction, O-zone and scallop cuts)


REALLY great job on the Z Custom mate, better than I thought it would be!!! What the hell do you polish them with cos my others look rubbish now! 

Chris, (Z-Custom double slot cut - below)

Z-custom repair


Great scallop, almost sculpture-like. you have exceeded my expectations.

Graham, (Zildjian Avedis china scallop repair)


Ben Camp re-designed my 18" Dream Contract crash that were damaged during its production. I, Steven put Ben up for a challenge, I asked for my 18" Contact crash to be completely different like no other crash known on planet earth or planet Krypton. I had this idea of O-Zoning as well as adding 'SUPERMAN' logo on and have the cymbal sandblasted creating a raw, dark penetrating trashy-china sound with a medium sustain. The result.....FANOMINAL! Ben delivered to high quality, precision, 100% quality including super customer service. I would recommend Ben Camp to any drummer who need their cymbal restoring or wanting a unique innovative sound for there kit.

Steven Shelley


I sent two cymbals to Ben for repair - a 17" Paiste Dark Energy Mk I and a 20" Paiste Signature Light Ride. Both needed cracks cutting out to prevent further damage. Suffice to say, I was incredibly pleased with the results. The finish on the cuts was second to none, and by no means was it a surgical cut - Ben lends artistry to his repairs to keep the cymbal sounding like it should, with the repair looking great. If you're a little bit unsure about having your beloved cymbals repaired, you can rest easy in Ben's capable hands. Just don't trust Parcelforce with the delivery ;)

Chris Walker


Seriously satisfied with the repair of my cracked crashes. Back to sounding as good as they ever did and at a VERY reasonable price. Thank you CymbalMagic!

Justin Edley


Benjamin offers a brilliant service, goes above and beyond and is a top geez to boot. I sent a very expensive Zildjian K Constantinople to have a hole drilled in it to repair a crack, Ben turned it around in a couple of days and even sorted out a little flea bite too. Highly recommended. I've seen a lot of this type of repair done by muppets. Ben is the real deal.

David Krupski


Got 3 of my cymbals repaired by Ben. They were restored absolutely beautifully and sound incredible. Make sure if you have broken cymbals you send them straight to Ben for beautiful repairs and honest customer service. I will be sending him more cymbals as and when I inevitably break them.

Hamish Dickinson


Ben did a great job restoring my wounded cymbals. Highly recommended.

Tom Hall


CymbalMagic saved my 16" K Crash Good Service Good Prices Highly recommend :-)

Michael Tester


Ben has worked his magic on a number of cymbals for me - each one a work of art and breathed life into an instrument which otherwise would be discarded. I can't recommend him highly enough.

Mike Kidson

Received the cymbal today. It looks and sounds AWESOME! It also feels sturdier, strangely enough.

How do you get the edges so damn clean!?

Thanks so much,

Harry (Zildjian Armand scallop and edge refinish)

Please stop advertising beautiful cymbals at reasonable prices. It's just upsetting.


Must mention our mate Ben Camp, sent him a dirty ol rezo 18" crash with a crack, came back like a brand new cymbal, 3rd one hes done for me, 4th on its way, the guys a genius, cheers buddy.


thanks so much arrived just in time for the gig which was perfect. Nice job as well, you have brought my beauty back to life, really appreciate it.

David Cassell (20” K ride scallop repair)