Cymbal repairs

Each cymbal has its own unique vital statistics - size, weight, profile, extent of damage etc. So every repair is also unique. 

I do not recommend the drilling of cracks!  The tight circumference of a drill hole, coupled with the increased vibration around a crack concentrates forces and, more often than not, leads to a reoccurrence of damage in the same area.

Price List

Full-Circumference Cymbal Reduction

The result will be a perfectly round cymbal with a brand new mirror-finish edge.  If there was an original factory bevel, this will be replicated on the new edge.

Some cracks are too deep for this method of repair to be effective, as the mass of material removed can severely compromise the tone of the cymbal. Reduction will invariably result in a raising of the overall pitch of your cymbal, the extent to which this occurs depends on the extent of the operation.  If it’s important to you to retain the original pitch, I suggest a scallop repair (see below).

Sabian Circumference Reduction


This process involves removing the crack and the material surrounding it. This creates a dip in the cymbal’s circumference, preserving enough material to minimise the effect on the cymbal’s original sonic characteristics.  In many cases there is no noticeable difference in sound after the repair.

As with reduction, the area of repaired edge is polished to a mirror shine, invariably to a higher standard than the original factory finish!


Cymbal scallop repair

Cymbal Body Cut-Outs

A crack on the body or bow can be removed the same way as an o-zone hole. In fact, some people use a bow crack as an opportunity to experiment with a cymbal and get creative with the shapes/patterns they use.


Istanbul Sultan repair

Centre-hole Enlargement/Reshaping

I offer two services to remedy centre hole keyholing or damage. The hole can either be enlarged to a perfect circle, or if the damage is more extensive the hole can be re-sculpted to  take into account any cracks.

Paiste Centre Hole

Edge Refinishing

If your cymbal is showing signs of wear at its edges in the form of dents, chips or “flea bites”, it's time to do something about it. The structure of the cymbal is weaker at these points.  Over time and with repeated playing these small injuries have the potential to become cracks. Choose our edge re-finishing service, and your cymbal will be returned to you with a brand new, blemish-free, mirror-finished edge.  If a factory bevel was present on the original edge this will be replicated on the new one.




O - Zoning

There are many possible options when it comes to O-zoning.: the standard 6 or 8 hole pattern, or concentric circles, spirals, triangle patterns. You‘re welcome to dream up your own design too.

The effect that O-zoning has on the sound of a cymbal depends on the original spec of the model used, and the size, shape, number and pattern of holes in the design.

O-zoning can make cymbals darker, quicker, trashier, more cutting, less gong-like, and can create more overall white noise in the sound of the cymbal.

UFIP Ozone

Bell Liberation

This is a great option if your cymbal is well and truly beyond redemption, or can be a happy by-product  of some modifications. (See below).

Cymbal Bells


Have you ever thought your cymbals needed more sizzle? High quality solid copper bifurcated rivets are fitted, which are customisable for weight and easily removed if you ever decide to do so.  I can advise on the best route to take with rivets to achieve particular sound effects.

Cymbal Rivets

Spiral Cymbals

Popular with drummers and percussionists alike, spiral cymbals can be created from almost any thin - medium weight cymbal.

They provide one of the most extreme modification options if you are looking for a complete transformation of your cymbal sound. Expressive, ethereal, dark, dynamic and responsive to a wide variety of playing styles such as brushes, mallets and hands. They also have a lot of visual presence on your kit.

Our turnaround time in producing the spirals is superior to all other sources in the industry.

Rings, ribbons and other magic...

Your damaged or unwanted cymbal could be made into something really special.  Designed for use on snare drum, these rings with adjustable ribbon jingles are a fantastic instrument for increasing your sonic palette.  Multiple effects can be created using one device, from break-beat trash-hat sounds to dubstep style snare explosions, and everything in between.

Cymbal Dual Trash Ring

Cymbal Dual Trash Ring